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    So my friends at Sweaty Betty asked me if I would share my top ten tips to beat the February blues. It is a cold long month so I wanted to share this with you today in case you feel you need a little spirit lift! I hope you like it!

    10 tips to beat the February Blues

    January may be over (did anyone really go dry?), but February is here and with it comes the cold. Valentine’s Day or not, we feel this month needs a bit of brightness, so alongside our new collection of bright palm prints we’ve teamed up with life coach Jacqueline Hurst for her top tips on fighting the February blues, unless it’s wearing them of course.
    1. Stop trying to be perfect, it makes us feel inferior and desperate to change; no one is perfect and mistakes are normal. As soon as you let go of this mentality, life will become much simpler.
    2. Grab a friend. It’s no longer January, so veganuary and a detox is no longer an excuse to hibernate. Beat any grey weather blues by meeting up with a friend, this doesn’t have to include wine – you can workout together, go for coffee or even a walk. Schedule in time with your good friends, these are the people who are guaranteed to make you feel automatically better.
    3. Breathe easy. Banish any blues as it’s time to focus on breathing correctly. Transformational Breath is an active exercise that uses the breath to release tension within the body. Unlike other techniques, Transformational Breath demands no pause between inhale and exhale. And, on an emotional level, the emphasis is on outpouring rather than control.
    4. Have your own back. Other people will judge you but who cares? Take a deep breath, accept they have an opinion on what you are doing, and then consider whether it’s worth taking into account.
    5. Try something new. New year’s resolutions didn’t pan out in January? Why not start in February. Instead of something diet and exercise based, I recommend learning a new skill. Always wanted to cook? garden? read that novel? Now’s the time to try it, the sense of achievement is sure to brighten up any February blues.
    6. Love is in the air. Valentine’s Daydoesn’t have to mean cards, presents and the latest Fifty Shades movie. Why not show some self love – run a bath, light some candles and read a good book, you’ll thank yourself later.
    7. A month of acceptance. Why not throw aside any annoyances this month and accept that we can’t change other people. Acceptance is the answer, no matter how much we wish someone would act differently.
    8. Be mindful. It’s been the buzzword in the wellness industry for a while now and I can not recommend meditation enough for conquering any grey days. Try the app Headspace for a starter, or I love Will Williams (he even offers free taster sessions all around London). Plus, 20 minutes of vedic meditation is equal to about 3 hours sleep, meaning you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.
    9. Work it out. One way to guarantee endorphin’s is to you guessed it, exercise. Your sofa and bed may look appealing when it’s cold, but lay out your kit the night before and make that morning class or run. You are guaranteed to feel better when you’ve moved, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.
    10. Don’t think the worst. The worst that could possibly happen might not be that bad, look at bad opportunities and negative days as a chance to learn. If we’re willing to consider this possibility, we may find opportunity in that “horrible” thing.
    Jacqueline Hurst is a master life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, The Sunday Times, Harpers Baazar and The Daily Telegraph. Jacqueline is also the founder of the Life Class, an online personal course for self development.   See the full article on Sweaty Betty’s blog here