I often have clients and students talk about how other people have been mean or unkind.
How other people have said things to them that they have found really hurtful.
I have obviously experienced this myself too.
People can be fascinating.
Many of you who have worked with me will know that the only thing we can’t control is other people, places or things.
People can say or do things that can leave us completely dumbstruck and yet, there is nothing at all we can do about it.
These people have been, and continue to be, my greatest teachers. 
These people have given me opportunities to manage my mind and in turn, grow.
How cool is that.
Now this doesn’t mean I have to stand around and take it, but what it does mean is that I have to understand it.
You see, what I know to be true is that ‘hurt people hurt people’.
Read that line again if you need to.
Those people who are hurting, who are insecure or unhappy, are the ones that say and do and react in ways they cannot help.
When they don’t know better they can’t do better.
Those people who insult you, put you down to make themselves feel better or do nasty things are the ones that are in the most pain.
You see, it might not be about you.
Because it is only ever hurt people, who hurt people.
So if you have experienced a situation recently where you are choosing to ‘justify a resentment’ I suggest you let it go.
Because if you get your perspective right, it is kinder for you and them, to show love in response to anything mean.
It feels so much better.
Don’t be a hurt person.  Get your mind right and in turn you will be kinder.
You see when you are in love with your life, when you understand yourself, when you manage your mind and get the right perspective, being kind is always the first option.
And then no one can hurt you anymore.
Power to you.