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    Is It True?

    So many of us create stories in our head.
    A situation can occur and within seconds we have had hundreds of thoughts.
    Negative thoughts and ones which are not kind or necessary or most importanlty, true.
    These untrue thoughts go around and around in our brains, pretending to be very real.
    Scaring us, belittling us and creating results which either amount to doing nothing, or a whole lot of drama.
    Neither of these outcomes are ideal.
    So let me help you with a really great tip and tool.
    The next time you feel scared, angry, frightened, anxious, insecure or whatever negative feeling you currently have,
    Ask yourself a very important question;
    ‘Is it true’
    It’s powerful and it always works.
    For example, you delivered a project to your boss and he wasn’t impressed.
    He said to you ‘Not the best work you have ever delivered, you aren’t on you’re A-Game at all’
    Right at that point all those thoughts that hurt will come along into your brain, like it’s a party
    ‘See, you are rubbish’
    ‘See, you are not good enough’
    ‘You are going to get fired’
    And around and around the thoghts go.
    But this time I want you to do it differently, I want you to insert that all powerful question‘
    Is it true?
    Is it true I am rubbish, is it true I am not good enough, is it true you are going to get fired from this one project?’
    The likelihood, when you really take a long hard look, is that none of those thoughts ARE true…
    And if you are struggling, then here’s another tip
    After asking yourself ‘Is it true?’ and you are still sure it is, start looking for evidence to back up why it IS NOT true….
    Now that’s my favourate part….
    I have evidence that I am not rubbish because (insert why here)
    I have evidence that I am good enough because (insert why here)
    I have evidene that I am not going to get fired because (insert why here)
    So try this little exercise the next time you are struggling  (or of course you could always stick with your way and keep staying miserable)
    I promise my way is better….
    Tag, you’re it….x
    PS My new website is live and I am so excited to share it with you! It has updated content, press work and a more information on The Life Class. Head on over, you are sure to find some interesting articles that are relevant to you.  And that is a fact! x