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    Opinions are a funny thing.
    They are based on a belief system which in itself is based on other people’s views, opinions, and beliefs about the world.
    In other words as a baby you were born having no opinions until your ‘tribe’ very kindly installed their good opinions onto you. Your school, gender, race, society, culture, religion, friends, teachers and ancestors all have a part to play in you and your opinions.
    Interesting stuff this ‘tribal thinking’.
    If your grandmother took you to church every Sunday somewhere in you, you will believe that this is what you are ‘meant’ to be doing.
    If your mother told you to shake hands every time you meet someone new as that is ‘good manners’ then this is what you will believe you are ‘meant to be doing’.
    If your husband told you that the correct way to eat a fishfinger was with your nose you might look at him like he’s a bit odd but he in turn, might think this is absolutely correct, because this is what he had been taught.  He, at this point, would think it was you that is the one who is odd.
    Catch my drift?
    We all have different opinions.
    The point here is to understand that this is ok.
    It doesn’t have to mean someone is wrong.
    It doesn’t have to mean what they say is the truth.
    It means you need to make YOUR OWN OPINIONS MATTER.
    It means you need to ask yourself what you believe in.
    It means you have to check your own life guidebook and work out what is right for YOU.
    And it may just be that your own opinion differs wildly from the rest.
    And making that OK is your goal.
    Because it’s ok to be you, to have your own opinions and to not always necessarily agree and conform.
    Open your mind, challenge your own beliefs and opinions and then work out what works for you.
    That’s the way forward for happy days ahead.
    Fishfingers tonight anyone?


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