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    Show Some Respect

    Show some respect

    Life is fast. We all seem to be working hard, running around and living life quickly.  Friday comes around and another week has gone. Living at such a fast pace means that sometimes we forget just how lucky we are.
    We forget we don’t have to think about anything other than what we are doing in that moment, our bodies are intact and working well. We just put one foot in front of the other and continue through our daily routine.
    Until we can’t.
    Recently my hip went out. Again.
    Everything was going super well at the cinema until it was time to get up.
    My mind was happy I was wide awake, ready to go.
    But my body, it had a different agenda.
    It was sore, in pain and didn’t want to move.  It very quickly reminded me who was in charge.
    It really got me thinking.
    I needed to show some respect.
    You see sometimes we are pretty careless with the one thing that really takes care of us.
    Sometimes we forget how intricate and amazing this body of ours is, silently doing its thing day in day out, keeping us moving, breathing and living.
    It’s especially hard to do if you think you hate your body. It’s especially hard when you focus on weight, food and body image.
    It’s hard when you reject your body.
    When you struggle with your body you are probably too busy being rude to it, punishing it, criticising it, reprimanding it and possibly abusing it to stop and think about how amazing your body is.  Your fixed on the negative cycle going round and round and round.
    And I know how hard this stuff is, because I have been there myself.
    But I also know there is nothing better than choosing to think another way.
    Because whilst you are dissing on you, all your body is really doing, is simply loving you back.
    Your body is always helping you, healing you, taking care of you.
    It is desperate for you to love it back in exactly the same way it loves you.
    Your body always knows what’s best for you and that information will not come from a diet, a pill or a ‘detox’.  It won’t come from counting points, calories or excluding certain food groups.
    Your body will give you all the clues and your only real job is to listen, trust and start working with it rather than against it.
    The only way to really find love for your body, as you are, with total acceptance, is to see how amazing it is.
    Start looking at what it can do for you, how it protects you, takes care of you, instead of judging it on its looks.
    And then the magic happens.
    Realise that the only reason you are not loving your body is because you choose not to.  That’s on you.
    So today, if you could do only one thing from reading this, I would ask that you take a good long look at your body, thank it for still loving you back and promise it you will, from today, show some respect.


    1. Thankyou for this well written and so true piece, it made me smile and feel positive and I shall keep this stored to remind me that most of us have lots to be grateful of, but we just sometimes get wrapped up in our life’s and forget what is important.

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