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    Many of you who have worked with me know that I believe control to be an illusion.
    My work with buddism and zen practice has taught me many things but this little fact helped change my life.
    Control you see, is unsustainable as no one can keep ‘controlled’ forever.
    It also does not bring you happiness.
    It actually makes life more chaotic.
    So what is it about control that we all love so much?  And why do we keep trying our hardest to get it?
    What is it about thinking that if we can just get control over that person, place or thing, then everything will ‘be ok’…
    As if having control is the answer to all our problems getting solved.
    As if having control is the only path that gets us what we want.
    Trying to control anyone or anything or most importantly, ourselves, means we are living in some sort of power battle.
    You will know when you are trying to control something (that is uncontrollable) by the way it feels.
    Because it’s exhausting.
    As there is always a fight involved.
    That internal fight. You know what I mean. Exhausting.
    It’s literally a white knuckle ride.
    Control, fight, lose, control, fight, lose.
    Until we just can’t fight anymore.
    So we hit the wall.
    And we do that beautiful thing called surrender.
    And then, we let go.
    You see until we realise control is an illusion the white knuckle ride just gets harder.
    So it’s worth remembering that your life is not about trying to control everything.
    The beauty of the universe is that actually, it’s all about the surrender.
    You see, everything happens for a reason.
    You are always in the perfect place at the perfect time having the perfect experience.
    And when we let go of the control a little it gives the universe space to assist us.
    So if you are struggling with something this week; your other half, your food or even your head, let it go. Quit the fight, surrender on a deeper level, drop your shoulders and be more gentle with yourself.
    Because there is a power in surrender which you will never find in your control.
    And that my friends, is a universal truth.


    1. Wow that is soo true thank you ! , for reminding us , 🙂
      We are really leading our lives often by illusion and one can never really control an illusion we can only control in how we respond , to others or our daily tasks and with giving positiv energy to others and into our work we should be brave enough to let go and trust that the outcome will be in our best interest whatever happens either we learn something or profit in something , either way we live.
      Xox Alexandra

    2. I can understand this and believe it to be true and good. But …..how do I do it? How do I surrender and let go? When wanting to achieve something so badly that it gecomes an obsession and consumes all thought – how do I let this go?

    3. I found this very inspiring but I’m struggling to let go and stop controlling expecially in my relationship. Any advice and tips would be great.

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