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    Living in the moment can be tricky.
    Especially in the city, working hard and being ‘busy’.
    Rushing through life, literally unconscious and unaware of the moment.
    The pace is consistent and constant and we seem to be going about our business literally missing life.
    We worry about little things that don’t happen, about things that happened in the past, or things that were out of our control.  We focus on the next meeting, the next dinner plan or the next holiday and all the whilst we are missing our now.
    What a waste.
    When time is literally one of the most precious things we have.
    None of us ‘know’ how long we have.
    None of us ‘know’ what is around the corner in our lives.
    None of us ‘know’ what is or isn’t going to happen even 5 minutes from now.
    In which case why not grab the moment?
    Why not aim to become fully present?
    Why not start living the life you know you want to be living?
    Why not start to become awake and alive in your life, in your present moment, in your now.
    It’s not called a ‘present’ moment for nothing.
    It is a present because you have been given the gift of life.
    It’s time to wake up, become inspired by life and grab the gift of time.
    Every moment counts.
    Live your life like that and life will change beyond all recognition.
    Try today to just simply be conscious of living in your moment.
    Drink your coffee with consciousness, look out your window at nature with consciousness, take a moment for yourself today.
    Your moment counts.