The need for approval kills happiness.
Basing your happiness on someone else’s approval can be disastrous.
Basing your worth on someone else’s approval is even worse. In fact, its damn right painful.
The only remedy for seeking approval is to seek self-validation.
Because it is where the validation comes from that makes a dramatic difference.
Self-validation is a practice, a process and a work-in-progress.
Self-validation is when you decide to validate you.
Sounds too simple right?
Well not really, because all you have to do is simply make a choice.
To have your own back and to tread your own path.
To believe in yourself and what you put out into the world.
To fully understand your strength and your power.
Believing and understanding that you do not need to look to anyone else to determine your worth is liberating.
Knowing that you do not need anyone else’s approval but your own is freedom.
So put your blinkers on, get on with that thing you love, believe in yourself
And then go out into the world caring about the only one person’s opinion that really matters…
Strengthen your foundation. Have your own back.
And rock on.