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    It’s all possible
    If you think it is
    And when it truly feels like it isn’t, there is only ever one solution.
    To check your thoughts.
    So many of us go around thinking we cant, its impossible, its painful, its anxiety inducing.
    Whatever it is, really doesn’t matter.
    Because it still comes down to the thoughts.
    Whatever you are going through, its for the best. Its for your growth, its for your good.
    When I find myself in situations that just seem too much to bear, I have a tool that always works.
    I find some quiet, I sit down, I take a pen and a paper and I bullet point my thoughts.
    Then I look at them and see the pain they cause and decide that actually, pain is not my favourite feeling.
    So then I get to work.
    I question my thoughts vigorously with a fine tooth comb.
    I question if they are true.
    I question if they are facts.
    I question if they are assumptions.
    I question the hell out of them.
    Then I decide how I want to feel.
    And then I work my ass off to find the thoughts that make me feel the way I want to feel.
    And I remind myself it’s a choice.
    If you are struggling today, try this exercise and remember that you have all the power to change.
    If of course, you want to.
    Jacqueline x