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    You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” Albert Einstein 
    Feel a little stuck? Not living the life you want to be living? Think you might be in the wrong job, have the wrong partner or simply know there is more to life? Are you struggling with your weight and feel you can’t ‘get it’ no matter what you have tried in the past? Are you constantly saying to yourself ‘my life would be better if…’
    Then you I can help you. I help people to create the life they want via their thought process. When our thoughts are off key we create a life of anger, frustration, boredem and unhappiness. We blame other people, places or things for our feelings and simply get stuck.  Life coaching helps people to become unstuck by challenging their thinking and in turn helping them to change things around to get the results they want and start to feel great.
    Life coaching can help people with a variety of issues including confidence, anxiety, stress, anger and specialise in helping people with weight problems.
    What does life coaching mean and what does it entail?
    I ask people thought provoking questions that help them get to know themselves.
    I tell my clients the truth: the truth that other people will not tell them.
    I help people see the downside of being mean to themselves.
    I challenge any held belief that is not in my client’s best interest.
    I pull my clients up on the lies they are telling themselves.
    I help my clients show up when they want to quit.
    I help my clients act from a place of love rather than fear.
    I ask my clients to reach for more of themselves.
    I help people figure out why they do what they do so they can change it.
    Who do I coach?
    I coach the most amazingly brilliant men and women all around the world.
    I coach men and women who are tired of being fat, tired of hating themselves, tired of being married to the wrong person.
    I coach people who believe there is a better way to live life than drinking a bottle of wine every night.
    I coach women who give to everyone but themselves in the hope that someone will approve of them and love them, everyone but themselves.
    I coach people who think they are a victim. Being victimised and taking on the role of victim are very different.
    I coach doctors, lawyers, QCs, PhD students, Oxford/Cambridge graduates and I coach clients who didn’t finish school.
    I coach people desperate and in despair and holding on by a thread with only a glimmer of hope.
    I coach people who make lots of money and feel awful and clients who make no money and feel awful.
    I coach anyone who is willing to find a way to feel better.
    So if you think it might be time to have a chat in order to see how life coaching can help YOU get a better perspecitve on life, feel better or start taking better actions and getting better results, email me today and we can get something started.  You’re worth it.
    Happy Friday x