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    So my gorgeous friend, the wonderful Madeline Shaw asked me if I would write a piece for her blog on how to set new years resolutions for a happy and healthy 2017. It was of course my pleasure. Take a read of the article here and don’t foget to check out her amazing website full of yummy recipes…

    Setting New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 2017

    Deciding what goals to set can be a little tricky so Jacquline Hurst, a Life Coach, public speaker, therapist, and founder of The Life Class has kindly written some ideas for setting new year’s resolutions for a happy and healthy 2017!
    New Year’s Resolutions are always a great way to start the year on the right foot. The one imperative to remember about making resolutions is to make them fun and realistic and not heavy and stressful!
    Making resolutions doesn’t have to be about drastic changes and major life overhauls, it can be just one change that is small and simple.  When you set your resolutions it is good to remember that any journey begins with a single step so even a baby step, is a step.  It is also good to remember that no skilled sailor became skilled overnight and that working towards a goal can take time so please be kind and patient with yourself as you work through what it is you want to change.
    Setting new year’s resolutions also does not have to be focussed only on the outside. It could be that you want to change something from the inside and gain a happier state of mind. Being a life coach I believe that a happy mind = a happy life so here are my top 7 ideas for some new year’s resolutions this 2017!

    1. Love and accept yourself – fully

    I truly believe if we learn to accept the good and bad parts of ourselves life becomes much more enjoyable.  I always tell my clients that “acceptance is always the answer to the problem”!  Once you find out who you really are inside, you can begin to accept and love yourself fully.  Once you truly love yourself from the inside what other people think becomes less of an issue.  A great new years resolution would be to learn to love yourself and accept yourself this year. It is the best work you can do for yourself and is the key to the door of a happy life.

    2. Live for you

    A huge part of many of my client’s lives are taken up by taking care of everyone else leaving them no time for themselves. It is no wonder they are exhausted and stressed out. In my opinion when it gets like this, it is important to check your motives and reasons for doing things for example, are you saying yes to people because you are worried that they might not like you if you say no?  A good resolution this year would be to remember that you cannot make everyone in your life happy and to try to begin to make the best decision for yourself (first) instead of others, you will see how life gets easier (and a lot less stressful!).

    3. Quit Comparing

    We live in a society where all we really get to see are people’s highlight reels and not necessarily the truth.  Social media is full of six packs, idyllic beach scenes, yachts, perfect pets and immaculate fashion styling.  The thing is, it’s very likely that this isn’t real every day life for the person you are looking at.  It is so important to remember that we all have ups, downs and struggles in life just like everyone else and yet no one is posting about that stuff! A good resolution this year would be to remind yourself that comparing your life to others is a total waste of your own time, you will find that you will choose to stop, effortlessly.

    4. Don’t compromise too much

    Compromise is required in pretty much all relationships because we are all different and have different wants, needs and desires. Compromise is a good thing most of the time if the compromising is equal on both sides. The problem occurs if you give up your wants and needs the majority of the time in any one relationship, whether it be with a friend, lover, family member etc.,. A good resolution here would be to evaluate all any relationships that feel tough and decide if it is really healthy for you to be a part of it or, what you might need to do differently to recalibrate the compromising.

    5.  Soul food

    I really do believe that we are all born with something that we are amazing at. Whatever your passion, or whatever you enjoy in life, make a resolution to feed your soul with what inspires you. Inspire means in-spirit and you will know when you are doing something you feel inspired by because your spirit lifts. If you are not sure what your passion is then start to try new things and find different activities until you find a few that give you that feeling of real happiness inside. As Dr Wayne Dyer once said ‘don’t die with your music still inside you’.  Make a resolution to start to feed your soul.

    6. Travel!

    Traveling creates a sense of freedom and opens your eyes to how big the world really is.  Whenever I sit on a plane and look down and see the tiny houses it is always a reminder of vast and great the universe is. It helps to remind me of the ‘big picture’.  Travelling also helps to open your mind to different cultures, ways of life, landscapes, animals – we can learn so much just by changing location!  Make a resolution to travel more, to open up your world and see more of this wonderful planet.

    7. Worry less

    I teach my clients that worry is a feeling, created by a thought.  Once we realise that worrying will not change our outcome, we can begin to accept whatever is going to happen.  No amount of worry is going to help you, it can only ever hold you back. Worrying doesn’t make you better.  Make a resolution to consciously start thinking about what you are thinking about to change the negative thoughts that are creating the worry into happier thoughts that start to create the calm.
    These are such great ideas from Jacqueline, thank you so much for writing your tips on setting New Year’s resolutions for a happy and healthy 2017! You can find out more information about Jacqueline on her website The Life Class.
    See the full article here