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So the amazing store, Liberty of London gave me a call this week and asked me for my top 5 tips for happiness this Winter. It was of course my pleasure to share my tips and tricks to getting happy.
Wellbeing With Jacqueline Hurst | Libertylondon.com | Liberty London

Ultimately, the most common problems people come to see me for are self-esteem issues. They range from emotional eating/body image issues to confidence and anxiety issues. In today’s society, we are constantly fed information telling us we are not good enough as we are. There are not enough magazines or newspapers showing real people, real stories and authenticity; instead we are fed photoshopped fairy tales. If we could, as a society, become more real, this would help many people. The more we remove the stigma of talking about what is going on in our minds, the happier we will become. Want to make a change? Here are five ways…

1. Learn to switch off: It’s important to switch off because you are giving your mind a break, and all minds need a break! To learn how to do this takes practice. For some it’s about writing things down, for others it’s about creating a space and a time in your day or night to simply stop. My top tip is to schedule time in your diary to switch off – literally call it switch-off time. Take a hot bath, read a lovely book, bake some nourishing food, turn off the iPhone/iPad and TV and go back to basics.

2. Beat workplace woes: Stress is a feeling generated by a thought, so I recommend people start to look at their own thoughts rather than blaming anyone else at work. Ultimately no one can make you feel anything; you create your feelings from your thoughts, and choosing thoughts that create stress is painful for you and you only. Start to think about what you are thinking or write thoughts down. Are the thoughts you are creating helpful or hurtful? If the latter, start to find a new perspective – choosing better-feeling thoughts is always the answer.

3. Overcome emotional eating: There are many ways to overcome emotional eating and body image issues. The most important thing to know is that they absolutely can be overcome. Ultimately the thing is this: if your weight was not an issue as such, you would not have a problem with food. Also, it is important to remember that we are fed images all day long of what we are supposed to look like – it is our culture and our society. You can, of course, always step away from that and put your foot down. Choose to say to society actually I am beautiful just as I am, thanks!

4. Find a work-life balance: Where are you happy? If the answer is working 24/7 then fine, go ahead. But if you are happy only working 9-5, then its important to balance out the times when you are not working. Balance comes in the form of joy – anything you find joyful could be part of your balance Another tip is to learn how to say ‘no’ effortlessly. Once you get on the no-train, you will realise how much more time you have. It’s important to remember that life is short, life is there to be lived, experienced and enjoyed – it is not a trudge, it is a blessing.

5. Prioritise mind management: It’s of utmost importance to learn how to manage ones mind. In my personal coaching sessions with clients and in school with students, I teach people how to focus and manage their minds because once they understand this aspect, their lives change. It’s amazing to see people become happier and start living authentically, all thanks to a focused and managed mind. Simply put, minds that are managed get better results, guaranteed.

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Back To Work

Heading back to work after the summer holidays? Here are some tips and tricks I wrote for PR Week this week  to help you leap back in and start ‘getting things done’.
Ever wondered how some people at work return from their holidays and start moving so quickly, getting things done as if they had never taken a break? Let’s call them the ‘optimist’.
Everything looks easy for them; we envy them and believe they must have something we don’t. The reality is that there are a few tips that they may be following, which I want to share with you, so you can get things done as easily and effortlessly and (don’t tell them) possibly even better.

Manage your mind

The optimist doesn’t have time for negativity. They choose always to look for the neutral or the positive. They know they are in control of their life by being in control of their mind. They also know that sometimes life gets tough, but the tough doesn’t have to break them and, in fact, can make them. Being an optimist means everything is possible. Having the right mindset is the key to the right outcomes.

Steal the trick

Think about some of the thoughts you had today that didn’t make you feel good. Write them down. Take a look at one of them and see whether you can find any evidence to prove that thought is incorrect. For example, your thought might be: “I can’t believe my boss still hasn’t signed off on that project. Maybe he/she thinks it’s awful.” Change this to something more positive, such as: “My boss is busy, and maybe this is actually not about me.”

The optimist doesn’t hide behind procrastination

They go out into the world doing the best they can with what they have, knowing it is better to give, than to hold back and wait until something is perfect for fear of failing; the odd failure is essential to success. They don’t take it personally, but learn from their mistakes and move on.

Steal the trick

Focusing on getting things perfect is a sure-fire way to hit procrastination. Taking action is preferable to doing nothing. It feels better, too, so tell yourself that whatever the task is you want to achieve does not have to be ‘perfect’, it just has to get ‘done’. Taking the pressure off yourself will help.

The optimist takes action

They know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but rather little by little. They take small steps each day to move toward their goals.

Steal the trick

Every day, make sure you do one thing, whether small or big, in pursuit of your goal. If it’s writing a proposal or prepping for a project, even one phone call or website amendment is development. One thing every day is something every day.

The optimist knows how to say “no”

The optimist knows how to say “no” and let go of what others think of them. They understand they cannot please all the people all the time; saying no gives them back their time. The optimist does not falter at this and knows no justification needs to be given after the word is said. They don’t feel bad about it; no is a form of self-care.

Steal the trick

Try saying “no” to one person each day. You will be amazed at how good it feels.
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Body Lovin

Many of you know I hosted a movie called ‘Embrace’ at the beginning of the year – the topic was body positivity.  From that a lot of amazing things happened, one was a call from “Squirrel Sisters” two powerful young ladies creating yummy snack foods. They asked if they could interview me about how to get some body love  for the readers of their website and of course I agreed. It was a fun interview and if you want to know more about how to actually do ‘body love’ you will enjoy this interview below…
Body loathing… it’s an issue for  lot of us in fact 91% of women hate their bodies, which is a shockingly scary statistic! We all know what it’s like to have a bad day, when you look in the mirror and think “urghhhh” but for a lot of us the issue goes way beyond one ‘off’ day. The scary thing is that body loathing has become so normal that a lot of people don’t even realise they have an issue. Some classic signs are; excessive working out, analysing everything you eat, eating too much one day so starving yourself the next, exercising for an extra hour because of that muffin you had for breakfast, feeling guilty if you have some chocolate mid week, avoiding social occasions so you don’t have to eat… the list goes on!
One of the biggest causes of body loathing is the fact that the world has led us to believe that thin=healthy, thin=pretty, thin= happy, thin=good… complete and utter BS! But why is ‘thin’ on a pedestal? Why are some people’s biggest life goals to be ‘thin’?  The answer to this is simple… women are exposed to the pressures of ‘thin’ every day; whether it’s reading a magazine with an over photoshopped model, walking past shops and seeing tiny mannequins or posters of barely adolescent girls modelling the clothes grown women are supposed to be wearing… these pressures are everywhere so of course we are going to feel inadequate and bad about ourselves from time to time.
We recently got the chance to go and see the film ‘Embrace’ by body activist Taryn Brumfitt, which was a real eye opener for us and left us feeling deeply moved and saddened but most importantly we left feeling empowered. Women can sometimes be each others worst enemies when it comes to body shaming and loathing, we need to join together and put and end to this, because there is so much more to life than being thin; stop comparing yourself and others to images that aren’t even real, be kind to each other and yourself because women are amazing and all that matters is that you are healthy and happy.
We got in touch with Jacqueline Hurst who has helped promote the film in London to ask some questions about the growing issue of body loathing.
Jacqueline is a trailblazing ‘mind’ expert, knowledgeable public speaker and ground breaking life coach. Her worldwide success is based in her unique approach and coaching methods.  Jacqueline works in her private practice helping clients with a wide variety of issues and specialises in emotional eating and body image. She has been featured in leading media titles including The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar, The Oprah Winfrey Network and she regularly talks internationally, for leading brands including Clinique, Eve Lom, Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty, Matches Fashion, Space NK and Liberty on issues of the mind.  Her online school, ‘The Life Class’ is also paving the way for a new generation of self-development for both people who wish to become life coaches themselves or, for those of us who want to simply learn how to live more optimally for ourselves, by thinking, behaving and acting with a higher degree of emotional intelligence.  Jacqueline’s private practice can be found at  www.jacquelinehurst.com and her school is www.thelifeclass.com
Q&A with Jacqueline Hurst
1) Why do you think women have such an issue with their bodies? Is it the medias fault?
I don’t think it is just the media’s fault but they are not exactly helping either! I think for years women have been brainwashed by TV, Media, fashion houses, and ultimately, large marketing budgets for huge businesses for gyms, slimming products. etc., Women are taught from an early age that they are ‘not good enough’ and need to be ‘thin’ in order to be worthy or lovable or good enough. It’s a mixed bag of tricks and messages really, that has been subliminally and quite obviously passed onto women.
2) Is the biggest cause of body loathing the fact that women hate their size and just want to be thin?
People hate their bodies because ultimately they have been taught to do so as per the paragraph above. They think their shape/size is the key to happiness. If I am thin I will be happy. It’s a trick and it isn’t true.
3) What kind of extremes are women that have body loathing issues going to?
So many. Exercise addiction, othorexia, anorexia, binge eating, diet pills, gastric banding etc. the list goes on….
4) You said 50% of 6-10 year old girls are on a diet, which is devastating! How is this possible? Have these little girls got this issue from their parents or is it because they have access to media images/social media that’s making them body conscious or is it for another reason?
Exactly, it is from both. Being in a society that is brainwashed into believing thin is good and anything other than that means you are not worthy or lovable or whatever it might be, is the cause. This brainwashing is passed down from generation to generation and then add media, tv, etc on top of it and bang you have the answer.
5) For the parents out there with children that have signs of body loathing, what advice would you give to them to prevent it getting worse and turning into an eating disorder?
its really important to talk to them, be open and honest and help them understand that body loathing is the wrong choice and start to help them see what their body can do (run, jump, play etc.). Its also important for them to get help making sure it is the right help!
6) Would you consider any obsession with food an eating disorder?
7) We’ve spoken about women and little girls having issues with body image but is this issue also relevant for men?
Absolutely and in the last 5 years I have started to see more men in my office for this too. For men its about the six pack and being ‘big’. For women its about being ‘small’. Its fascinating when you get behind the why.
8) For the 91% of women out there that hate their bodies, what advice do you have for them?
Talk to someone about it and to challenge your beliefs. Ultimately body love is a choice and hating your body is always the wrong choice. You do have a choice to step away from the brainwashing once you are able to understand that you have been brainwashed! You have to unlearn a lot and relearn how to treat yourself. I don’t think we were all born just to have a small ass, we are all here for much much much more.
EMBRACE, the movie Synopsis:
Despite being happily married and successfully juggling motherhood while running a thriving photography business, Taryn Brumfitt was privately struggling with crippling body image issues. Close to resorting to plastic surgery to ‘fix’ her post-childbirth body, Taryn decided that what she really needed to change was not in fact her body, but her attitude towards it.
This was the beginning of the Body Image Movement (BIM), a now internationally recognised crusade that was founded on the belief that your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams. BIM believes that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability.
By travelling the globe, headed by founder Taryn Brumfitt, the Body Image Movement is working to put an end to body loathing and spread the message of body loving.
You can see the full interview here and don’t foget to keep posted for my next screening of Embrace.

Life Lessons

So my friends over at Wellbeing Escapes gave me a ring earlier this month to ask if I would write an article for their private online magazine, all about my own life lessons.  Wellbeing Escapes are my favourate friends. They are a group of super cool people who understand how to organise a self care holiday like no other!  They specialise in spa and wellness holidays and if you want to take a little ‘me time’ and need a little advice on where, when and how, then these are your people.
Anyway, back to the life lessons, here is my article in their magazine about the top lessons I have learnt in my life and also, don’t forget to scroll right to the end of my article for your special treat – the free online magazine from Wellness Escapes ususally reserved for their clients only but now exclusively for you below…you will love it I promise you!
My life lessons
Working as a life coach is one of the best jobs in the world, so much so that it doesn’t even feel like a job. I got into this business because of the wild and wondrous life I led which took me through situations that most have never experienced. For 10 years I saw life in many different ways, very real, very sad, exhilarating, preposterous, unbelievable and all the way back again. I feel utterly blessed to be able to have turned my life around and now help thousands of people through their own issues, from big stuff to small stuff and everything in between. I am often asked what my favourite pieces of advice have been along the journey and this is always a pleasure to talk about. The journey of course never stops and along this journey of life, there are many signs that can help us along the way. All you have to do is be open to them.
I really do believe that none of us can get through things effectively and efficiently completely on our own. We all have ‘stuff’ and we all need someone (other than our own selves) to talk to about things that we know we can be better at, free from or happier about. Sometimes we cannot solve the same problem with the same mind that created it and that is why talking about things helps.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff .

In other words will that matter in 10 years time? This was one of my favorite pieces of advice. We can all get bogged down by the tiny things in life that we think matter dramatically when in fact, they don’t at all. We can all be accused of taking life seriously and when we do this we are looking at the minutia and making it much bigger than it needs to be. If your 4 year old didn’t pass her colouring test, I promise this won’t affect her being an interior designer if she wants to be at 25. If your husband forgot to throw the rubbish out for the 3rd time this week, I promise it’s not because he doesn’t love you. If your best friend forgot to call you back on Thursday, give yourself a break, she simply may have just forgotten because her own life is a bit hectic right now. Don’t sweat the small stuff dear reader, life is just too short.

  1. When you want to fight harder, surrender.

This piece advice came from a coach I had way back in time from NYC. She was a tough cookie and really helped me along my journey. I would call her up in tears shouting and screaming as I just couldn’t get control over (insert your thing here – food / men / family etc…). She would listen to me go into a rage and then quietly say “Jacqueline, your answer is to surrender”. It would be a moment of a long deep breath, many tears and the fight would be over and the peace could then begin. It really is a very special piece of advice to me. Being a strong man or woman, being someone who can literally do anything you set your mind to, is amazing. It means you are a fighter and you will likely get what you want. Except in some cases the fight is what makes it harder and life becomes exhausting. Sometimes the fight is what creates the issue. Sometimes the letting go, the true surrender, the ‘leaning in’ to the chaos is the only answer to your problem. Trust me on this one. It works. Let go.

  1. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

This was a piece of advice from my father. I am, by nature a fast paced person. Everything is pretty quick and I can get through a lot in only an hour. The thing is, a lot of the time the things we want need patience, tlc and working towards. Rome was not built in a day. The perfectionists will find this hard as they beat themselves us that they didn’t ‘get it’ immediately or they ‘should have had it by now’ but that never works. Sometimes there should be praise for slow. Slow means you are dotting your ‘I’s’ and crossing your ‘t’s”. Slow means you are connecting back to yourself, slow means that you are conscious and present and slow can be the way to catch the monkey.

  1. Out of small acorns huge oak trees grow.

A wonderful piece of advice from my grandmother who I loved with all my heart. She was the most amazing soul and always gave me nuggets of advice as a little girl that I remember today like it was yesterday. This piece of advice was brilliant when I started my business. I had it on a sticky note in my kitchen. It was such a positive, motivational reminder that even though I had just started my business, just me and my website, a little acorn, it could be possible to grow it into an oak tree. That positive thinking definitely paid off and I am sure without it I wouldn’t have believed in myself so much. Remember that to start, you have to just simply, start. You also have to believe in yourself and your vision and that out of little tiny ideas, with a dash of belief, huge massive beautiful things can grow. You’ve got this.

  1. You were meant to meet that person.

This last bit of advice was given to me by my spiritual teachers. All spiritual teachers believe that it was ‘meant to happen that way’ in other words nothing in life is ‘wrong’. When I heard this advice my shoulders dropped about 10ft! Seriously, if we start to believe that things are happening just as how they are meant to happen, we stop fighting reality and life becomes easier. It’s the same with meeting people. People come in and out your life, it is meant to happen that way. They are teachers as are you to them. Whoever comes in is meant to come in and they may also be meant to leave. Just go with the flow and don’t grab. Allow life to work its way out and believe in the process and how it is happening. It may not be happening the way you wanted or expected, but it is happening how it should be. Life remember, is beautiful.
Thank you for reading my tips!
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Get Your Tickets!

Body Love Blogging…As many of you know the Embrace movie I hosted in January this year went down a storm and so many people felt moved and touched by this documentary that they asked me to find a way to get it shown again.
As you know I love to do my very best for you all, and after lots of emails and calls with Australia (!), I have now organised a second showing on May 23rd 2017 and I would love for you to join me, alongside anyone you think would want to know about it.
My school, The Life Class backed a kick starter campaign last year with an amazing woman called Taryn Brumfitt who has made a brilliant documentary called ‘Embrace’ all about body image.  Taryn is a woman who went from having 3 kids, to being a bikini competitor and still hating her body.  She’s made it her life mission to make sure that her children grow up in a world where they can be proud of their bodies however they look, and of course, that we should too.  Those of you who know me know that I have experienced similar challenges in my own life and as many of you know my work is specialized in helping women to understand and achieve a better body image. I really want to help – why should girls and women spend their life hating how they look? It’s just not right. That’s why I care so much about this movie – I really think Taryn can make a difference and I want to help her to help others.
You can view the trailer (which has already been viewed over 1.1million times) on the link below and trust me when I say, you have to watch the trailer, it’s only a few minutes and it will really touch you.
Details below…
Date: Tuesday 23rd May
Time: 6.30pm
Where: ODEON Panton Street, London. 11/18 Panton Street, London SW1Y 4DP
To reserve your tickets, (and watch the trailer) please visit my Film Event Page here
Unlike a traditional movie showing, the film screening requires that a certain amount of tickets which need be reserved in the next 12 days in order for the screening to occur.  I really do believe that this is going to sell out pretty quick again so please don’t miss this. I’d love to see you in the audience, with your daughters, sons, friends, families etc,. Spread the word and please send this to anyone you think would want to know about this and let’s do this together.
Thanks for all your support!
And lots of love,

How She Did It

Prior to the ‘Beauty Inside and Out’ talk on Tuesday this week, The Telegraph interviewed me on their series about women in business called ‘How She Did It’. It was an honuor to be asked to appear on this series and a big move for me going from talking all things life coach to talking all things business. If you are interested in a little bit about me, my story and how I set up my business then read on for the full interview here. Happy friday! x

How she did it: ‘I was anorexic, bulimic and had cripplingly low self-esteem. I had to transform my life’

Jacqueline Hurst, 39, is a public speaker and life coach, who works to help her clients with a wide variety of issues, specialising in emotional eating and body image. Her online school, The Life Class is a resource for people interested in becoming coaches themselves, or those who want to learn how to live more optimally.
Here, she tells us how she did it.

Tell us briefly about your business

I am a life coach and a Master Coach Trainer. I work privately, one-to-one, with clients all around the world, coaching them to help them elevate mentally and emotionally to their highest potential. I am also a hypnotherapist and help people with a wide range of issues from eating or body image issues, anxiety, confidence, phobias, insomnia, public speaking or general coaching.
I also have a school online where I run two courses – one to train people to become a certified life coach themselves and the other is a foundation course to help people who just want to feel better, do so within their own time frame.

What inspired you to start it?

My own life. I slipped into drugs and alcohol at a very young age. I was anorexic, bulimic, depressed and suffered terrible anxiety and crippling low self esteem. I simply couldn’t handle life. In my mid-twenties, I hit rock bottom and decided something had to change. No matter what it took I was going to transform my life.
I tried different forms of therapy but felt no one ‘got it’ or really understood me. So I decided to start studying and find a way to help myself.  From the day I made that change, I haven’t looked back. Over the last 15 years I’ve studied all over the world and have come across people desperate for advice and guidance – just as I had been years before. They turned to me asking for help. Having been there myself, I found it easy to appreciate the battles they were fighting.

More and more people approached me and it became evident my coaching practice had to be set up.  These days I grab life with both hands and believe strongly that anything is possible.

What were the first few steps you took?

I had an unshakable belief that this was what I was meant to do and it was going to be successful – looking back I don’t know if that was just down to naivety, novelty or both! The first month I had a website, a laptop and an office. I remember someone saying ‘but whose going to knock on your door?’ – that just fuelled my fire.

How did you raise awareness?

Networking, talking to everyone I met, I remember standing in Fitness First on Baker Street one day for eight hours handing out flyers. I got offered more dates than I did clients – but I had an unshakable work ethic, so I didn’t get frustrated and was happy to keep standing in the cold.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The stigma around mental health. I work with some top brands and very famous people – and yet a lot of the time I have to sign confidentiality agreements because they don’t want to be seen, or known, to be working on themselves or with their employees. It is also something that means, word of mouth, which is always the best way to get business, is lessened.

How do you tackle challenges?

I absolutely love challenges. I wonder if there is just something in my DNA. Life is challenging, there is no point in wishing it was something different than it is. What would be the point in that? Challenges are the biggest propeller of growth.

What helps you stay motivated through tough times?

I believe it’s the tough times that make you. So I say to myself ‘bring it on’.  I’m always aware that the words like ‘tough times’ or ‘hard days’ are all in the mind and how I think about that really matters. Is it a tough time, or just a tough deal or a tough five minutes? What am I learning? How can I grow?  All of these things give me opportunities.

What’s the best thing about running your own business?

For me it means I get to be in control of my life and I don’t have to answer to anyone about where I am and at what time.

Do you have a business philosophy?

Always say yes and figure it out afterwards.

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs?

To believe in themselves, to have their own back and to remember the saying that ‘out of small acorns, huge oak trees grow’.

How I did it…

  • My greatest fear is… dying before doing everything I want to do.
  • I would tell my teenage self… that everything you are experiencing will make sense when you are older and will be the making of you.
  • I believe… in love.
  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned is… you get more bees with honey. Always be nice.
  • My top business tool or resource is… Google (obviously!)
  • My favourite quote… ‘Yes you can’.

See the full interview + purchase tickets to meet me at The Telegraph event here

Confidence In Bed

As the resident life coach over at GQ Magazine we often have some interesting chat around the office when I pop over there. This week we discussed how to get your confidence back in the bedroom and if you are struggling in this area do not despair, this is the article I wrote for them.  
Sexual confidence is knowing your worth, your abilities and what you are bringing with you to the bedroom. That, more than anything, is the key to a great sex life. But it can be shattered if you’ve suffered from a traumatic break up, have experienced something emotionally painful in the past or you’re just a bit out of practice. This can change, though, and changing that only takes a little self-discipline.
This sounds obvious but it isn’t. When we panic we start breathing quickly and can’t get enough air into our lungs. This perpetuates the panic and snowballs out of control.
Slow down, breathe deeply and take back control. Being in control of your breath gives you time to slow everything down and give you a chance to relax your body as well as your mind. It feels a lot better than panic.
Stop fortune telling and catastrophising
If you’re reading this you are no doubt someone who has experience of relationships. Some may have been amazing, some may have been terrible and some may have just been a bit boring. But the past is in the past and it should always remain there. If you’re upset because someone left, change your mindset and thank them because they weren’t the right person for you. They are who you should be focussing your energy on.
Get rid of the gremlin
Seriously the inner gremlin of self doubt is a bully. It berates and chastises all day long, but only if you let it. When it bullies you with negativity it’s time to simply stand up to it. If you had a real life bully berate you or put you down would you just take it or would you fight? Exactly. So speak to that negative gremlin exactly how you would to anyone else being rude to you. Also, if you think you wouldn’t be saying those things to your friends that their new partner would be disappointed in them sexually? Of course not. Kill the gremlin.
Fear is Flase Evidence Appearing Real. 
Fear’s not just in your head, it’s also a passion killer. If you’re frightened, ask yourself a few questions. What am I frightened of? What’s the worst that can happen? Why don’t I feel confident? Then (and this is really important) challenge the hell out of those thoughts and start looking for evidence you already have, to disprove the negativity. You will be able to find proof that there were times you have been confident and felt great, you just need to let yourself look for it. Remember that confidence is a feeling created by a thought so check your thoughts and change how you feel. It’s really up to you.
Know your worth
Seriously isn’t it about time you started having your own back? Isn’t it about time you started to choose to like yourself and look at all the wonderful things that make you you? When we really know our worth we become sexually confident effortlessly. Confidence isn’t something you get from anyone else other than yourself. Confidence is not something you need a partner to give to you or validate in you. When we really know our worth we stop giving people discounts. So start being nice to yourself and you’ll find more people willing to be nice to you.
Read the full article in GQ Magazine here

Sweaty Betty

The gang at Sweaty Betty asked me this week for my top 5 speedy tips to spring clean your mind. With the new season, bright(er) weather and longer days it is the perfect excuse for spring cleaning so if your wardrobe, home and pantry are in shape, here are her top five tips for your mind.
Don’t compare
Social media is full of six-packs, idyllic beach scenes, yachts and immaculate styling. The first thing I’d say when your scrolling through someone’s picture perfect Instagram feed is remember this is an edited reel of highlights, life on social media is only a snapshot of reality. Everyone has less glamorous moments on the sofa, with their hair up and a glass of wine in hand, despite their Instagram feed. Remind yourself every time you choose to look at what other people are doing, it’s not worth making a comparison.
Compromise is required in pretty much all relationships because we are all different, though why not take the time this spring to reassess whether your relationships are on a equal level? Problems can occur if you give up your wants or needs the majority of the time, so take a step back and assess the balance. It may be a good time to step out of toxic patterns, or reassess the situation.
Live for you
A huge part of many of my clients’ lives is taken up by taking care of everyone else, leaving them with no time for themselves. As much as it is important to consider others (I’m not telling you to be selfish!), try and take some time and consider yourself, even if it’s only five minutes a day. Read a book, run a bath, go to your favourite workout class – this small non-negotiable priority will relieve stress and increase happiness.
Don’t worry, be happy
I teach my clients that worry is a feeling, created by a thought. Once we realise that worrying will not change our outcome, we can begin to accept whatever is going to happen. No amount of worry is going to help you; it can only ever hold you back. So, start to become more conscious of what you are thinking about, when you think these negative thoughts, think happy and focus on the positive. Sound too hard? The second you begin a negative thought cycle, think or write down three things you are grateful for today, it works every time.
And breathe…
My number one tip for being mindful? Focus on your breath and be present. When you wake up each day take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing. Sense the flow of the breath, the rise and fall of your belly. Don’t feel that you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply be. When your mind wanders to thinking, gently bring it back to your breath. My other tip is to notice what you are doing and tune into your senses. For example, when you’re eating, notice the colour, texture and taste of the food, you’ll automatically appreciate it more.
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Beauty Inside Out

Event alert!

Will you join me on Tuesday 25th April at 6.30pm for a panel discussion on Beauty Inside And Out, with The Women’s Chapter, Telegraph Women and Space NK
Join me for an inspirational evening to discuss how to achieve beauty from the inside out, where i will be sitting alongside Claire Veto, Founder of award-winning Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and Bernadine Tay, Founder of Quinteassential Fine Teas.
The seated panel discussion and Q&A will be led by Telegraph Women editor Claire Cohen in the private event space at Space NK on Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge.
We plan, as speakers to share our own business journeys as well as give insights around how to achieve true beauty — from the inside out. We will also explore related topics around body image, confidence and self esteem.
Before and after the discussion, we will be treated to Quinteassential’s white elixir tea cocktails and fuelled with healthy plant-based treats from Nourish Kitchen, both women-led brands. And of course there will be bubbles, plenty of Champagne bubbles!
This glamorous, inspiring evening will be an opportunity to engage with women at the forefront of their industries, network with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs, and be inspired. Space NK will be providing special goody bags, so all in all, it’s an evening not to be missed!
Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Time: 6pm for drinks, with panel discussion starting promptly at 6.30pm
Venue: Space NK, 40 Hans Cresent, SW1X 0LZ
Tickets: £30 per person, excluding VAT
About the Speakers…
Jacqueline Hurst
Jacqueline Hurst is a trailblazing ‘mind’ expert, knowledgeable public speaker and ground breaking life coach. Her worldwide success is based on her unique approach and specialist work with clients around body image, low confidence, anxiety, self esteem, addictions and other debilitating issues. She has been featured in leading media titles including The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar, The Oprah Winfrey Network and regularly does talks internationally, for leading brands including Clinique, Eve Lom, Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty, Matches Fashion, Space NK and Liberty on issues of the mind.
Jacqueline’s inspiration to help people came from her own life and long-time struggle with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, anxiety and crippling self esteem.
After hitting rock bottom in her mid 20s and having tried all kinds of therapy, she decided to start studying and find a way to help herself.
Her online school, The Life Class’ is also paving the way for a new generation of self-development for both people who wish to become life coaches themselves or, for those who want to simply learn how to live more optimally, by thinking, behaving and acting with a higher degree of emotional intelligence.
About Bernadine Tay
Tea guru, master blender and founder of Quinteassential Bernadine Tay, graduated in 2001 with a degree in biomedical science from King’s College, London, later moving into a marketing career. In 2008 she decided to pursue her true love – blending fine tea. After a period of intense self-study and mentoring with the renowned tea expert, Jane Pettigrew, she finally made her debut in the small stage: the farmer’s markets in the North West. For about three years, she honed her craft and refined her blends by talking to tea lovers from the quaint villages of Alderley Edge to the metropolitan city of Manchester.
Using her scientific knowledge to create unique blends with exquisite flavours, Bernadine has since won 7 Great Taste Awards out of 12 blends and is also a national tea judge.
After a year of hiatus due to an injury that almost paralysed her, Bernadine decided to unveil a new Quinteassential with renewed passion. Whether the refreshed brand is a symbol of a new Bernadine, it’s undeniably an amalgamation of all that she loves. Tea, travel, art, beauty and all good things preserved in unforgettable memories.
Claire Veto
Claire Veto is a dermatology expert and Founder of award-winning Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, a luxury probiotic range infused with BioOrganic botanical ingredients and essential oils. With a strong background in pharmaceuticals, Claire worked for one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies, GlaxoSmithKline, before launching Aurelia in January 2013. Harnessing the power of botanicals from around the world, her unique formulas fuse BioOrganic plant extracts and flower essences with breakthrough science. Claire has been widely praised for her achievements in pushing the boundaries of natural and scientific skincare; in November 2014 she won a highly prestigious Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Award sponsored by Google for her success and was positioned 9th in the Natural Beauty Yearbook’s “25 Who’s Who in Natural Beauty”. Earlier that year, she was named one of Management Today’s “35 Women under 35 in Business” and the brand has won a host of product and brand awards including “Best New Brand” for unprecedented success in the biggest independent consumer voted beauty trial by The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has since been named as one of Walpole’s luxury Brands of Tomorrow, a prestigious achievement that has awarded Claire with luxury brand mentorship from top industry leaders.
About the Panel Host, Claire Cohen
Claire Cohen is Editor of Telegraph Women – an irreverent and intelligent section of The Telegraph, which offers news and opinion on everything from politics to parenting; business to sex.
When she’s not writing, Claire is a commentator on women’s issues, culture, social affairs and politics for Sky News, the BBC, Channel 5 and LBC Radio. She’s also just brewed her own beer, inspired by the Suffragettes.
Join us for this fabulous evening by purchasing your tickets here

De-Stress In 5 Steps

My friends at Bodyism asked me how to help their clients learn how to de-stress in 5 easy steps.  I wanted to share that article with you as I think this is apt for all of us!

Nowadays ‘stress’ is the most common cause of sickness leave from work. If you look back over the last week at all the conversations you have had with friends, colleagues and loved ones, how many of them, when you asked how they are, have responded with ‘Urgh, stressed’… Probably most. Master Life Coach, Jacqueline Hurst, tells us how to destress in 5 steps.

  1. Perspective. Sometimes its good to step back and ask yourself, “Is that going to make any difference in ten years’ time?” 90% of the time, the answer is no. Get perspective. Put the issue you face into perspective, accepting that most of the things we worry about are not life-or-death issues. Try to mentally shrink what’s worrying you, and it won’t seem like such a big deal after all.
  2. Balance your expectations. So many of us have sky-high expectations on ourselves, way higher than we would set it for anyone else. Whatever it is you are stressed about ask yourself how you would talk to a friend in this situation. Would you be yelling at her that she will never get it sorted out or is an idiot to have got into this situation or would you treat her with kindness and love? Exactly…treat yourself nicely and be kind with your thoughts and the stress will slip away. I would always advise a friend to destress over a cup of tea, to sit down take a breath and put this into a practice, a small step each day to be kind to yourself.
  3. Get to the root. Noticing that you are ‘stressed’ can actually be good for you because it’s a signal that you can either carry on doing what you are doing and getting the same results or that something is in need of change. I think the best way to look at stress being good for you is that it is simply a signal for change.
  4. Small changes can yield big results. First of all, our thoughts rule how we feel. It’s important to understand how we think creates our feelings so if we are feeling a feeling we don’t want to feel, like stress, we have to start thinking about things differently. We teach all our students at The Life Class how to think correctly because the truth is none of us were taught how to ‘think’ or deal with our ‘emotions’ at school and yet this is so important to understand fully that your thoughts create how you feel. If you are stressed the first thing to do is start by writing down your thoughts – get it out of your head and onto paper.
  5. Power to the word. Start to look at those thoughts. In other words are you choosing thoughts that feel good or feel stressful? Let’s say you are stressed about a presentation you need to do for work. If you are thinking ‘I can’t do this’ you won’t be feeling great. Instead you need to start thinking about it differently to create a different feeling. Start challenging yourself on the opposite in other words start looking for evidence to prove to yourself, why you absolutely CAN do it.

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